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Zip Code Mapper - Enter a U.S. zip code and see a map with the zip code location. Search results also include come demographic and statistical information about the zip code area.

Telephone Area Code and Exchange - Enter an area code and exchange ( NPA-NXX ) and get the location and the name of the local phone company for that number. Results now include a map localized on the area of the exchange. A link to the appropriate county level public records directory is also included.

Aircraft Registrations - Find aircraft registration information by owner name or tail / registration number. Covers United States and Canadian airplanes.

Pilot Licenses - Search the pilot license database for information on U.S. licensed pilots. Ratings, endorsements, and medical certificate information is included.

Zip Codes / Counties / Area Codes - Find the county name and telephone area codes in use for a given zip code or town name.

Documented Vessels - Find owner names and vessel details for all US Coast Guard registered vessels.

IP Address to Location Search - Find the county, state and city for an internet IP address.

Domain Name Ownership - Find out who owns and operates internet domain names and web sites.

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